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  • nl.png PE1AQP : Mijn nederlandse callsign, sinds 1977
  • de.png DK1AQP : Mein deutsche Callsign, seit Januar 2018
  • gb.png G1RLZ : My british callsign, from 1985, until 1998

"AQP" (and "RLZ") doesn't mean anything; PE1AQP is from a time that dutch calls were allocated alphabetically. In fact it was from the first batch of so-called "C" licenses that were issued in that way. I got used to it and never had a reason to change it. The german call was chosen to reflect (as much as possible) my dutch call.

If you do a careful search of the internet, you can find some websites that claim (correctly) that my dutch call was, in 2016, revoked. What those sites don't mention is that this call was re-issued to me in the following year. — Yarrr! YArrr! — I'm not a pirate!

Call Usage

I use my german callsign, DK1AQP, when I'm operating from home (in JO30as54), or from any other location in Germany.

I use my dutch call, PE1AQP, when operating from the Netherlands; of course with a "/P" (for Portable) or "/M" (for Mobile) extention as appropriate.

I use the callsign PE1AQP/A (with the Alternate Location extention "/A") when operating from a (low-QRM) location (in JO23ub80) just east of Sneek, in the province of Fryslân, in the north of the Netherlands.


The best way to contact me (if not via the radio-waves) is by email. My email address is either my dutch or my german callsign "AT veron DOT nl".

Some further details can be found on my page or my HamQTH page.

Latest News

QSL cards

QSL cards to me

Please send QSL-cards via the fine volunteers of the QSL bureaus:


  • Starting early 2019, I'm "radio-active" from JO30as54ag in Aachen.
  • In 2018, I was active from Greifswald, in JO64qc. I started a small web-site at that time.
  • Before that I was inactive for many years. The previous entries in my logbook go back to the 1990's, when I worked from Abingdon, IO91iq.

(A note for non-hams: radio-amateurs use a 4 to 10 character code to indicate geographical locations: the "QTH Locator" or "Maidenhead Locator System". "QTH" is radio-slang for location of a transmitter.)

Azimuthal Map

My antenna "park"

Not much of a park, up to now.

Comet Antenna CX-725 Tri-Band GP used for 144 and 432 MHz.

This antenna also works at 50MHz, but we are, in Germany, only allowed to transmit with horizontal polarisation at 6m. Furthermore, it would need a connector change at the tranceiver. So for that band, I use:

Home-made J-antenna for 50 MHz

Following the description in "FunkAmateur 7/2019", p656-657.

Dead-ends of this antenna are in the directions of 80-260 degrees (almost East-West); whereby East is furthermore shielded by the house we live in. Funny that the first (WSPR) report came from a listening station exactly east from me.

The garden ground is about 229m ASL (Above Sea Level). The antenna is at about 7m AGL (Above Garden Level 😊 ), 236m ASL.

G5RV dipole for 40/20/10 m


My Equipment




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