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The web-sites and are completely identical, one is just an alternative name for the other. Whenever one of these is mentioned below, the same applies to the other.

Responsible gb.png / Verantwortliche de.png / Verantwoordelijke nl.png and all sub-pages thereof are written and maintained under responsibility of "Jon" J.G.Krom, also known by his radio-amateur callsigns PE1AQP and DK1AQP. The latter callsign can be used to find his current address.

The content of sites outside, which might be linked-to in the pages, are clearly not the responsibility of J.G.Krom.

Email address

J.G.Krom can be reached via this email address: jon <at> krom <dot> eu

Cookies, Logs and Privacy

The websites do not use cookies. The server only keeps minimal log-files and even these are deleted after a short period of time.

These pages did use a style sheet that imported fonts from google servers. That possibly implies that google tracked visitors to these pages.

This has been changed in the week around 15 November 2022. These style sheets and other content of the web-pages do not depend anymore on any third-party server.

Please let me know if this change causes any problem in your browser.

Copyright, Copyleft, Creative-Commons, etc.

CC-by-sa-40-88x31.png All content on these and web-sites, except where clearly indicated otherwise, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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