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The web-sites and are completely identical, one is just an alternative name for the other. Whenever one of these is mentioned below, the same applies to the other.

gb.png Responsible / de.png Verantwortliche / nl.png Verantwoordelijke and all sub-pages thereof are written and maintained under responsibility of "Jon" J.G.Krom, also known by his radio-amateur callsigns PE1AQP and DK1AQP. The latter callsign can be used to find his current address.

The content of sites outside, which might be linked-to in the pages, are clearly not the responsibility of J.G.Krom.

Email address

J.G.Krom can be reached via this email address: jon <at> krom <dot> eu

Cookies, Logs and Privacy

The websites do not use cookies. The server only keeps minimal log-files (and even these are deleted after a short period of time). There is no way to find-out who visited these web-sites (except for you telling me).

If you still feel a strong urge to confirm this by clicking somewhere: feel free to click here.

On the other hand, if you also don't like clicking on all these cookie warnings, you might be interrested in this site:

Copyright, Copyleft, Creative-Commons, etc.

88x31.png All content on these and web-sites, except where clearly indicated otherwise, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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