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and some notes about the equipment I use(d):
(Most photos can be clicked for an larger version.)


My commandline Maindenhead calculator is good enough for a first pubication:


Not directly an amateur-radio topic, but I might as well link it here:


Over the last week or so, I've tried to remove, or at least reduce, the dependency of my web-pages on remote sites.

In particular, the dependency on google-fonts was an (unintended) annoyance. This dependency implied that all visitors to these web-pages also had to go to google to get these fonts. (Or better: their browsers did so.)

And that while the default fonts carried by the browser are, in my view, at least good enough. In any case in the "firefox" browsers on my collection of computers.

Please let me know if this change causes any problem in your browser.


A few pictures from our trip to Stockert. (Text in Dutch.)

2022-09-18 / 2023-01-13

Added a note about our NEC CQ-110E being for sale SOLD.


Today I received my new set: an ICOM IC-705. Mainly intended for use at my /A location.


Added a note about the disappointing printers I use.


Today I received a few new x-tals for my Kenwood TR-2200. They seem to work, so I can now use this set as a monitor receiver for the local repeater.


After a few days tinkering, drilling and soldering, I now have a feed-through for 4 antenna-cables: Tfeedthrough.jpg


Years ago, I inherited a Kenwood TR-2200. The last few days, I checked it and it still works.


With the invaluable assistance of PE0FKO, we repaired my old FT290R.
See here for a description of the repair.


Obtained an old (but functional) oscilloscope, on the "Radiomarkt Zuid-Limburg". TP1010575.jpg


Also not really hamkit, my latest headphone … and I think it's great!

  • ncheadphone.jpg Sony WH1000 XM3 noise-canceling headphone

I used it on a long train trip, and simply didn't hear the train!


Not really hamkit, but it has a remote-control transmitter in our 13cm band:

  • squadkopter.jpg Quadkopter: Jamara Aldi JQC Altitude / JQC

Flying is fun, but the camera is broken.


Currently my main transceiver: Icom IC-7100


NEC CQ-110E actually borrowed from PE0FKO

About 2014

Manson EP-925: 12V (3…15V), 30A power-supply.
Purchased on an secondhand-market in Greifswald.


Alinco DJ-X30E handheld wide-band receiver. Intended to listen to (VHF-) marifoon and (HF-) ship communication in the south-western parts of the baltic sea. But most sailors use GSM-telephones in this area, so there was little interesting traffic to listen to.


Comet CX-725 Tri-band Groundplane antenna for £69,--


My first, my own, ham-transceiver: FT-290R (Mk1)
TP1010518.jpg TP1010520.jpg
Currently (2018) the audio-output fails.

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