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An ex-colleague of mine, Chris, has some old, but functioning, measurement equipment. He's looking for a good new home for these items.

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Één van mijn oud-collegas, Chris, heeft wat oude meetinstrumenten en zoekt een goed nieuw huis voor deze apparaten.

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Ein meiner Ex-Kollegen, Chris, hat einige alte Messgeräte und Er sucht ein gutes neues Zuhause für diese Sachen.

The Equipment / De apparaten / Die Geräte

  • 2. hubmesser_hm_65_180_si_b_1327121.jpg Dipl-Ing H-G Neuwirth Hubmesser HM65 180SI or: a private site

    gb.png: "Frequency Deviation measurement device", nl.png: "FM Zwaaimeter" de.png: "Hubmesser"

    "The Neuwirth devices seem to have lots of information available on the web."

  • 2. Lucius & Baer LSG 610

    "I cannot find any information of the Lucius & Baer device. It has a CRT and 2 plug-in modules with lots of opportunities for attenuation but no obvious timebase. My best guess is that it is a network analyser. Lucius & Baer are still operatiing so they might be able to provide further information."

    Update 2020-01-17:
    Chris: "I have found out what my Lucius and Baer LSG 610 device is, it for recording electrocardiograms. It is over 25 years old and hence it is of little use for anything else […]"

    Probably only useful for (old fashioned) components.

  • 4. us_wiltron_sweep_generator_610d.jpg Wiltron Sweep Generator 610D 1-1500 MHz

    (Probably found a new home, already.)
    "I have found a manual for a Wiltron 610C which should be similar to the 610D."


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